7 Jobs to Sustain Your Travel Lifestyle

Practicality vs. doing what you love is a normal and ever so frequent inner battle we all have. For those of us who love to travel, it becomes challenging to maintain your idyllic lifestyle without an endless pot of money, available to dip into whenever you want.

Getting your head down and working hard throughout your winter/summer and saving every penny to then travel the rest of the year is one way to do it. But what do you do if you want to prolong your travel or maintain that lifestyle for a year or more or… forever?

Here’s a list, in no particular order, of ways to make money for traveling:

1.) Become a Holiday Rep

No, not necessarily the kind of holiday rep at booze-fuelled locations in Europe. Becoming a holiday rep is killing two birds with one stone; you get to earn money AND travel at the same time.

There are plenty of holiday agencies out there, like Neilson Holidays for example, which offer vacancies for all types of people, whether you’re into water sports, fitness, cycling, or more of a winter sports kind of person. You’ll not make huge amounts of money this way, but you will earn enough to live and you’ll be out making new friends for life while abroad.

2.) Become a Freelance ANYTHING


Got a skill? Monetize it. If you’re really serious about wanting to earn enough money to sustain a travel lifestyle, you will find a way to make money from one of your passions or skills. Budding photographer? Check out some places you can sell your pictures as stock images. Maybe you know how to fix things? Sell yourself as a handy DIY person. We could make a huuuuge list about all the skills you can sell without requiring a big set-up. Get a pen and paper and start thinking.

3.) Work as an Au Pair

For this one, you’ll enjoy working with children as the job is essentially a nanny/baby sitting service. Working as an au pair means you will often work for a wealthy family and can sometimes include teaching their child(ren) English as a second language depending on which country you’re in. Check out the International Au Pair Association for help on how to go about it.

4.)  Flight Attendant


This is an obvious one for those who want to travel. It’s an excellent way to see the world and get paid to do it, but don’t be fooled, for the most part you’ll be on a plane or prepping for it. Of course, you can stop over in some amazing locations and you’ll get a chance to explore new countries and cities. You’ll also get the chance to network and meet some amazing people as a flight attendant. It’s not an easy lifestyle, but the job doesn’t require a hugely impressive CV, so don’t rule it out.

5.) Teach English as a Foreign Language


Some people overlook this one due to the fact English is such a widely spoken language, however it is one of the most required skills. Schools often offer placements to travellers all over the world to teach English, sing songs and play games. There are also plenty of adults in the countries you’re travelling who are looking to brush up on their English skills. Do a Google search for “teach English abroad” and you’ll find lots of networks to get involved with.

6.) Journalism

With the explosion of social media and inexpensive ways to get your thoughts out there, it has never been easier for every single person to become a ‘media company’ for whatever you are passionate about. So how can you begin to earn money from writing, blogging, vlogging or expressing yourself online? Firstly, find your strength. Are you great in front of the camera? Maybe you’re better at writing? Or maybe you’re a killer photographer. Start by putting yourself out there consistently, network with other online influencers and get in touch with media agencies. Here’s an article we wrote for One World 365 on how to make money from your travel photos.

7.) Bar Tending


It is the go-to student job and is excellent one to try out when you’re travelling because there are bars everywhere and you need very little prior experience, if any, depending on the bar’s requirements. Make sure you have a working visa for the countries you’re visiting and you’re sorted.

8.) Busking

Back to what we were saying earlier; if you have a skill or talent, find a way to make money from it. Check up on local rules before you make a noise out there, but if music is your thing, it’s a fun way to earn a few more coins. Who knows, while you’re out there, you might get recognised for your talent and meet the right person.