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Best Snake Handling Gloves

For the most part, venomous snakes are something you’d rather avoid. That being said, there are certain occasions where handling potentially deadly snakes either becomes necessary, such as removal, or a fairly unusual hobby like having one as a pet. You may even want snake-proof gloves for gardening.

Even if it isn’t venomous, a high-quality pair of protective gloves will give you the peace of mind when handling snakes. It’s a matter of fact that bites hurt and this is no truer than when bitten by a venomous snake. If bitten, it won’t be long before infection spreads and you’ll quickly feel feverish among other serious symptoms. If the snake isn’t venomous, the pain from a bite can be excruciating.

There is a wide variety of snake bite proof clothing you can choose to add to your wardrobe. Many of these products are ideally suited for protection from natural snakes in the wild, such as snake-proof boots, chaps, and gaiters.

Gloves, however, differ slightly in that you are probably very aware you’re going to be up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. Some of the best snake handling gloves will give you the confidence required to handle it properly. Although all gloves are designed for nearly the same purpose, there are a variety of options to choose from, and here are some of our most recommended.

MarineStore Extra Heavy Duty Snake Handling Gloves

Marinestore Gloves

If you’re looking for a set of gloves which has been specifically geared towards holding up against snakes, then these are for you.

Focused on protection from snakes and other reptiles, these high-quality gloves are made from heavy-duty leather.

Ideally, these gloves are best suited for smaller, non-poisonous snakes and are less likely to hold up well against venomous snakes with long fangs.

One great feature we like about these is the addition of staples for added strength. In addition, the past elbow-length glove is perfect for those who may be reaching into a container or concerned that the snake could strike the forearm.

Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves

top snake proof gloves

Although not designed specifically for use with animals, these top of the range protective gloves are one of the sturdiest and most reliable on the market. Steiner Industries is a company known for developing high-quality protective gear for the welding niche.

That said, many snake and reptile handlers love to rely on them because of how well they hold up when it comes to the crucial bite and scratch test.

When you’re dealing with snakes, you need to be able to make good use of your fingers and remain aware of grip strength. Made from cowhide leather, the gloves provide ample flexibility and comfort, while being incredibly durable.

They’ve been extremely well made and extend to the elbow crease for most people, which is an ideal length to protect the most vulnerable parts of your arm.

HexArmor 400R6E Hercules Protective Gloves

snake bite gloves

HexArmor is one of the leading providers of protective gloves and this is no truer than their excellent snake-proof gloves. Specifically designed for cut and puncture protection, they offer a comforting level of safety.

The Hercules 400R6E is part of HexArmor’s heavy-duty range of products, yet still offers a satisfying amount of dexterity. It can often be the case that a pair of gloves hold up well but lacks in movement. HexArmor seems to have tackled this issue effectively.

Why the high price tag? Well, with these gloves, you’re paying for a trust-worthy brand, maximum protection, and undeniable comfort. Although you can opt for a much cheaper product, it is often worth forking out a bit extra for high-quality protection. This is especially true when you’re dealing with dangerous creatures.

On Amazon, they come in three different sizes: medium, large, and XL. It’s typical to see a company only offer one size, so this is an added bonus to an already awesome product.

Hestia Animal Handling Gloves

snake protection

Another decent set of snake and reptile protective gloves coming in from Hestia, this time. It’s a ‘one size fits all’ design, made from a combination of cowhide leather and Kevlar.

You’ll often find these gloves used by professionals working in kennels, zoos, and pet shops which is reflective of the quality.

Sitting at around $20, this is an excellent price for a good set of protective gloves. What we commend about this product and the others we’ve reviewed, is the high level of dexterity which remains despite how robust they are. No longer is the case that you should compromise on flexibility for a good amount of protection.

Caiman Kontour 1878-5 Welding Gloves

snake handling gloves

We’ve decided to include this product into our snake bite-proof gloves reviews due to the positive feedback and reliability of the brand. Designed for welding, these gloves have been fitted with heavy-duty padding and are made from genuine American deerskin. In addition to deerskin, they’ve been sewn with Kevlar thread and feature a boar hide leather patch on the palm which is incredibly robust.

We particularly enjoy that they’ve been designed to conform to your hand’s shape, meaning that they fit super well. This is a feature that is often left out of other popular welding gloves.

You’ll usually find that one of the first things to show signs of wear and tear is the stitching. Unlike other gloves, these have been sewn with Kevlar thread for added durability. This helps to extend the life of the glove, offering you protection over a longer period of time.

Snake Proof Glove Buying Tips

Snake Glove Advice

The first thing you need to be aware of when you’re investing in protective gloves is that very few, if any, guarantee you of 100% protection. You should always do your own research by reading online reviews and even ask the important question to the brand.

That said, here’s what we recommend that you look for in a quality pair of snake gloves.


Most companies tend to use leather as the primary material for protection. It holds up well for most intended purposes and is incredibly durable over a long period of time. It’s also one of the most cost-effective options.

Kevlar is another common choice. It’s a brand of high-strength synthetic fiber and is often the go-to material for motorcyclists as well as those looking for protection from animals that can deliver a deadly nip. One of the reasons this is so popular is that it is not just strong, but also comfortable and lightweight.


Yes, protection is good (and necessary) but there is no use in going for something and not being able to feel what you’re doing. Snakes require care when being handled, otherwise, they could become defensive and try to strike.

We’ve deliberately reviewed gloves which will allow you to wiggle your fingers and aren’t overly rigid, yet offer piece of mind when it comes to bite prevention.


In this case, length really does matter. Snakes can strike some distance and that strike is often hard to predict. That’s why you should consider buying gloves which offer protection up to your elbow.

Although you’re more likely to suffer a bite on the hand, you can’t guarantee that they won’t attempt to strike the forearm.

Snake Handling Advice

You may have a top of the range pair of gloves, but that doesn’t mean you should act like a bull in a china shop. Treat your snake with the care and delicate touch it deserves. Snakes are highly receptive to your movements, meaning that if you’re too heavy-handed or twitchy, they’re more likely to bite.

We’ve actually written a mini rule book when it comes to snake handling. Although it’s by no means an extensive guide, it will offer you some essential reminders of the dos and don’ts. Hint: wear gloves!