How to Feel Fresh for a Long-Haul Flight

The burden that comes with travelling to exotic locations is the time it takes to get there. It seem to be the nicer the place you want to go, the longer the flight is. Travelling isn’t all bad and flights can be fun, partly due to the excitement of knowing you’re going somewhere special. Travel, though, can certainly be draining and it can leave you feeling sluggish and wanting a nap when you arrive at your destination. Follow these hacks on how to feel great before, during and after a flight for that perfect trip.


1.) Seat Allocation

Think about it, this could be a game changer. If you’ve got the money, get yourself up front with business class. The extra room and the space to have to have a nap are definitely worth it. If this isn’t an option, try and place yourself by the fire exits. These seats always have extra leg room. The seats right at the front have extra space too. Your future self will thank you later for a wise seating choice.

2.) Start Hydrating


Begin to drink plenty of water from when you wake up on the day of your flight. The water will help your muscles stay hydrated during the flight, allowing you to feel fresher. The air in the cabin of aircrafts is usually much thinner than on the ground, so it is crucially important you think about how much you’re drinking.

3.) Get a Good Sleep

Make sure you get a good, full night of sleep the night before so that you’re not already starting the day off feeling groggy. This is especially useful if you struggle to sleep on flights. The flip side is, don’t sleep much the night before and you’ll sleep like a baby on the plane. It’s down to you on this one and if you’ll be able to get some shut eye on the plane.

On Flight

1.) Continue to Hydrate


It’s crucially important you continue to hydrate yourself whilst onboard, due to the fact being on a plane actually dehydrates you more than normal. Stay away from fizzy drinks and alcohol as these types of drinks go some way to dehydrating you. Yes, the world is out to get you.

2.) Get Up and Move

Get the limbs working. You know what it’s like, staying in the one position for too long causes you muscles and joints to stiffen. So get out your seat and walk the length of the plane, adding in a couple of stretches for good measure. This will get the blood moving through your muscles a bit quicker and you’ll begin to feel fresher.

3.) Splash Your Face


Feeling drained? While you’re up and about stretching, take a trip to the bathroom and splash your face with cold water. You’ll feel very refreshed in doing so. Another useful tip; run some cold water on the inside of your wrists and forearms.

4.) Take a Nap

Just enough to revive you. Whether it’s half an hour or an hour, you’re going to feel better getting some sleep on the plane. It is also a great way to pass the time. Many long haul flights are over night, where getting some sleep is even more important because you’ll likely be up all day when you arrive. Try to make sure you wake up in plenty time for landing so that you’re not in that strange confused state as you’re getting off the flight.

After the Flight

1.) Liquid Sleep


Showers work wonders if you’ve not managed to get much sleep, or even if you feel a little drained. Once you check into your hostel or hotel, hop in the shower (blast the cold on if you’re feeling brave) and feel yourself wake up better than ever.