This Device Lets You Text Without Signal

Ever been in one of the most glorious locations or experienced something amazing but the location has been too remote for phone signal? Maybe you’ve simply wanted to send a message while out for a hike or you’ve got into some trouble and wanted to text for help. You’d think with the technology out there that it should already be possible to send a short message in any location.

Well, goTenna, a new startup, has teamed up with outdoor equipment retailer, REI, to launch a device which will help you stay connected even when you don’t have any signal.

goTenna app

After Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, a quarter of all cell towers were wiped out, as well as internet and electricity. This left millions of people across the affected states unable to communicate with family and friends when they needed to the most. This was when the idea of goTenna was born.

Not only for emergency situations, but also for events, going out for walks in remote areas or travelling abroad, Jorge and Daniela Perdomo, a brother and sister duo, recognised the obvious need to communicate without signal. The remarkable thing about goTenna is that it works anywhere on the planet, without any signal or wifi at all.

goTenna device

goTenna is already receiving some attention from early tech adopters, government agencies and hikers. In fact, the company has been given grants to provide the product to people in vulnerable areas where natural disasters are likely.

At the moment, goTenna is priced at $199 and can only be purchased via the company website or through their launch partner, REI. Here are some of the key features of the product.

goTenna Spec

So, if you’re planning a trip to a remote location and you want people to know where you are if you lose signal, then think about taking this handy device with you.