Snake Terrarium
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Snake Terrarium Ideas

Before deciding to buy an enclosure for your pet snake, it’s good to get some snake terrarium ideas because there are endless possibilities if you let your imagination run far enough. Of course, there’s the simple glass reptile enclosure, then there’s kitting that out, and then there’s going to the extreme.

In this article, we’re going to show you some of the best snake terrarium ideas we’ve ever seen. They’ll range from extremely practical to terrarium goals but extremely impractical. Hopefully, they’ll give you a sense of what you can do to make your reptile enclosure more appealing for you, snake, and guests.

Under the Stairs

We’re wasting no time in getting to the impractical terrarium ideas, here. This ‘under-the-stairs’ terrarium is one of the most interesting we’ve seen. Not only does it look amazing, but it is also a fantastic use of what is normally dead space in your home.

This design is hugely dependent on the space you have available and, of course, if you even have stairs in your home. Another key consideration with this idea is that not all snakes appreciate having a huge enclosure and they can actually become stressed in such conditions. This could be better suited for other reptiles.

The Living Dead

We absolutely love this idea, even if it is a little somber. The skulls are a creative way to provide a natural hiding place for snakes while creating a certain mood and appearance for any viewers.

The blend of plants and skulls gives the whole terrarium a really overgrown and desolate vibe which works incredibly well. We can imagine that it might be a bit hard to clean out and you’d also need to consider where you’re placing snake bedding.

The Cabinet Terrarium

This is a hugely functional idea and creative use of storage space. From the image, it looks like they’ve renovated an old drawer unit and turned it into a stacked enclosure. Unlike the living dead theme, this is a more pleasant design that is likely to appease more people.

Additionally, the functionality gives it bonus points. You can use all the drawer space for cleaning materials or whatever else you’d need to store. So, if you’re feeling in a DIY mood, this might just be the right project for you.

Another Cabinet Idea

We wanted to include another cabinet here just to show you that you could repurpose all sorts of styles to suit your needs. Some snakes are better suited to tall enclosures, whereas others are better suited to low and wide enclosures. This depends on whether your snake is either ground-dwelling or arboreal.

This tall cabinet has been repurposed very well and even has good storage space underneath for all the other equipment and kit you might need for your snake.

Under the Bed

This is a brilliant use of dead space in your house. If you’re stuck for room or just love to sleep very, very close to your snake, then this is the one for you. If there’s one place in the house that doesn’t get used for anything good, it’s under the bed.

In the image, it shows a large terrarium. It would be pretty easy to make this smaller to suit smaller reptiles and snakes by putting up a divider somewhere in the enclosure. One downside to this idea is that it might not be that easy to access cleaning and removing your snake. Would you have to lift the mattress? Would you make a door or open glass front? These are the considerations you’d need to take into account.