Stunning Aerial Footage of Scotland

When you imagine soft, white sands and clear blue waters you’d be forgiven for picturing the Caribbean. What you probably don’t think of straightaway is the North of Scotland.

Scotland has certainly had some bad press when it comes to the weather. However, when the clouds break and the sun shines through, the land of the brave will rival any tropical location you can imagine.

Scotland’s volcanic history means that the countryside is filled with stunning mountains, like Glencoe and St Kilda.

It’s not just the rural scenery which will amaze you here, though. The capital city, Edinburgh, offers a combination of beautiful buildings and even better landscapes, like Arthur’s St and Castle Rock.

If you’re looking to get away from the city, then taking a trip to the northwestern coast has to be on the agenda. Here, you’ll find barely find a soul to share a beach with, apart from the odd highland cow or marine wildlife.

When we took a trip up there last year, Connor, our photographer from Glasgow, captured the iconic land from above in this video.