It’s Like Tinder… But for Drones?!

Planning an action packed travel experience? Going on a ski holiday with stunning scenery? Maybe you’re trekking an exciting trail. How do you capture the moment? Stop thinking about your trusty point and shoot or your unreliable mobile phone. You can now be matched with the perfect drone pilot for your needs.

This Uber/Tinder fuse for drones, called, helps the user hire registered drone pilots who specialise in their specific type of event. Using Droner, you can search, compare and hire drone pilots with all kinds of experience depending on what your intended use is.

How does it work?

You can start by posting a job listing, say you’ve got a wedding coming up in a specific location, you’ll write a short description of what is required. The relevant pilots for the job are then notified and the bidding begins. Pilots will place bids for the job and it is up to you to sift through the reviews, prices and portfolios of each one. You can also use the platform for messaging the pilots if you/they require more information.

Droners Website

What types of services can you hire a drone pilot for?

Almost anything you would need, you can hire a drone pilot. With Droner, you are able to post job listings for weddings, parties, events, real estate, water sports, T.V, film, drone training, construction and more. Droner will match with the perfect pilot for your job.


Only two months after launching, Droner already had over 1200 pilots sign up to the service and the numbers have been growing ever since, proving there is great demand for such a service. The service offers a unique opportunity now for filmmakers and cinematographers which could bring greater exposure for businesses.

Some of the most common uses for the service so far have been for weddings and real estate, but with the growth of the business, ideas are beginning to get more creative. One Droner user has even used the platform to organise a proposal/wedding ring drop-off.