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Best Snake Gaiters Review Guide

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, particularly in snake dense areas, it is important to make sure that your legs and feet are well protected.

You can find at least one species of venomous snake in almost every single state of North America. At some point, you may have tried to find yourself the best snake gaiters for hiking.

We get plenty of outdoor enthusiasts coming to us for snake gaiter reviews. After all, it is a decision which shouldn’t be made with little thought. Snakes love to hang out in long grass, bush, and under logs and rocks. They’re usually everywhere you can’t see and this is why the majority of snake bites occur without you even knowing the snake was there in the first place.

Snakes, by nature, aren’t aggressive however they are not afraid to strike when they feel threatened. Prevention is far better than having to deal with being bitten by a venomous snake, which is why you should seriously consider where to buy gaiters and what kind. Considering the cost of antivenin, snake gaiters a worthy investment.

Best Snake Gaiters for Hiking – What You Need to Know

There’s a lot of information out there on snake gaiters and it can be hard to get your head around it, even for us. This page is an in-depth review of some of the best snake gaiters out there on the market so that you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get into the reviews…

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Review

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor
Top Pick

Stepping into the ring at a price of around $200, it’s safe to say these snake gaiters are on the higher end of the market. 

Now, that’s not to say they’re overpriced. Far from it, in fact. TurtleSkin is a well established, high-quality protective clothing company and their snake gaiters are nothing less than that.

And think about it: if you’re buying a product that’s meant to protect you from potentially life-threatening venomous snake bites, do you really think it’s the time to skimp? 

The Fitting Room

These come as a one size fits all, for both men and women. The key size specs are as follow:

  • 20 inches top of the calf
  • 17 inches ankle
  • 16 inches length

TurtleSkin boasts that they have produced the lightest snake gaiters on the market, which is a huge convenience factor. If you’re out walking for extended periods, especially in a warm climate, the last thing you want is heavy gaiters dragging you down. Being breathable and water-resistant adds to the comfort of wearing these.

Sturdy and flexible at the same time, due to their construction of robust ballistic fibers and polyester, allows TurtleSkin SnakeArmor to stand out from the crowd.

One main criticism though is that there is no boot fastener which means that the gaiters can ride up your legs, exposing your ankles. You can overcome this easily by strapping them to your boots with string or lace.

This pair of gaiters get an extra style point too because of their reversible material, meaning that you can wear it camouflage side in or out.


The big question; do they work?

TurtleSkin has tested their gaiters on a live rattlesnake and the result was successful. The construction of the fabric means that the material is highly durable and should last for years.

The fabric is tightly woven which means that it is near impossible for snake fangs to penetrate them. Note that manufacturers typically do not guarantee this due to the obvious variables at play, like a snake striking the arm or hand. Furthermore, there is a rust-proof zipper which adds to the longevity of this quality product.

Final Thoughts

The biggest selling point these gaiters have to offer, aside from, you know, actually working, is how lightweight they are. Other cheaper products may offer similar levels of protection, but you’ll really feel that weight on your legs. If you want lightweight + effective, this is the brand to go for. 

Final thoughts: don’t let the price put you off. It can be tempting to go for the cheap option but you get what you pay for. If you are worried about being bitten by a venomous snake, these are a top quality pair to go for.

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Crackshot Snake Guardz Review

Great Choice

These snake gaiters come in at a price of $60+ (but can differ when you go up in size). They’re a good price for being a high quality, trusted gaiter.

Snake Guardz is a very original style of snake gaiter, made from Cordura type material and plastic panels. This type of product has been on the market for a long time and is tried and tested.

The Fitting Room

What’s good about these gaiters is that they come in multiple sizes, however, you do pay extra for scaling up a size. Here are some of the key metrics you need to know about sizing:

  • Small fits 5″ to 9″ calf
  • Medium fits 9″ to 14″ calf
  • Large fits 14″ to 18″ calf
  • X-Large fits 18″ to 23″ calf
  • 2X-Large fits 23″ to 30″ calf
  • 3X-Large fits 30″ to 36″ calf

As well as coming in different sizes, there is also a range of colors which will suit your individual preferences. Snake Guardz snake gaiters have toe covers which is protecting your laces from becoming tangled with the snake and its fangs. This gives you an extra few inches of protection.

Although not as light as the TurtleSkin snake gaiters, they still are lightweight. Few people find that hard plastic material can become uncomfortable after a long time of use. Most people, however, can wear these comfortably, especially after breaking in the stiffness. The hard plastic offers peace of mind when you’re in snake territory.

Snake Guardz come with a strap that stops the gaiters from riding up your legs. This is important so that your ankle doesn’t become exposed and vulnerable to a snake bite.


These gaiters are built to last and come with a 100% protection guarantee.

In fact, so much so that they have even been tested to withstand a 12-gauge shotgun blast from 20 yards away. Just watch this YouTube video below of them being tested out with live rattlesnakes and someone wearing them.

Talk about believing in your product…

The material used to cover the inserts is waterproof which is not only useful to keep you dry, but it does a great job in keeping the snake venom from leaking through to your skin, which is a common flaw of cheaper products. Obviously, snake venom on your skin isn’t dangerous, but if you have any open wounds, it will soon do damage.

As well as being shotgun proof, snake-proof and water-resistant, they are flame retardant. Unless there are any defects in the product (which are covered by warranty) then these gaiters will last you for a long time.

Final Thoughts

What sets these gaiters apart from others on the market?

It has to be durability.

They are really built to last the test of time and for that, we believe the price is hard to beat. After all, it is an investment in your safety. Think of the alternative; having to pay the medical bills for bite treatment? No, thanks.

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ScentBlocker Snake Gaiters Review

Comfort Choice

Weighing in at a price of around $60, these snake gaiters are on the same range as Snake Guardz. However, unlike Snake Guardz, they come in only two sizes; regular or large.

This pair of snake gaiters has been made in a few colors, but typically sold in either brown or tan. Made by Whitewater, they have been produced to be comfortable and effective.

The Fitting Room

The great thing about these is how easy they are to wear. Plus, the two size options mean that they should fit well to your individual size. Here’s the size specs:

  • Regular fits up to 18″ calf
  • Large fits up to 21″ calf

There are adjustable clips to fasten them securely on your legs. Furthermore, there is a strap that goes under your boot to hold it in place.

Even though they have gone through a lamination process, they are still quiet when you are walking and comfortable. The contoured shape of the gaiters allows them to wrap around your legs, keeping them in place.


Do they stand the good old test of time?

The material is a poly-cotton blend that is durable and it has also gone through a lamination process in order to give it added protection and strength to the product. We couldn’t find a video testing them out, unfortunately.

The under-boot strap is great for holding the gaiters in place while you’re walking about. After a while, there are complaints of the strap fraying or even breaking because of the friction caused when walking. This can easily be overcome with a bit of DIY and tying a lace or something similar around your boot.

Final Thoughts

So, what do these do to deliver that knock-out punch?


Because of the material used in developing the product, this set of snake gaiters is easy to put on and take off and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

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