Best Gaiters: Ultimate Buying Guide

Our Ultimate Series takes you further and more in-depth than ever before. In this chapter, we take a look at some of the best gaiters on the market from protective snake gaiters to hiking gaiters.

What kind of gaiters are you looking for?

Walking Gaiters

Walking Gaiters Review

A comprehensive review of some of the best walking gaiters on the market.

Hunting Gaiters

Hunting Gaiters Reviews

A comprehensive review of some of the best hunting gaiters on the market.

Snake Gaiters

pet corn snake

A comprehensive review of some of the best snake gaiters on the market.

Gaiters Buying Guide
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This article was written by Connor, one of our founding editors. Connor is a full-time travel and lifestyle photographer with extensive experience in the outdoors industry.

Shopping for the best gaiters doesn’t have to be confusing. That’s exactly why we’ve created this gaiters review hub.

Whatever your outing, there is a pair of gaiters best suited for you. Whether you’re planning on attacking the snowy peaks, crossing rivers, hunting or hiking in snake territory, gaiters can protect you and your shoes from the environment.

Gaiters offer good protection from dirt, pebbles, water and snakes. This buying guide is aimed to help you choose the best gaiters for you. Feel free to click through and explore the pages for different types of gaiter reviews. 

There are many kinds on the market ​and it can be hard to know where to buy the best gaiters. We’ve found that the best gaiter reviews are honest and transparent. That means we won’t big up a product if we don’t believe in it, you have our word. 

To decide which pair of gaiters you need, we’ve created a simple guide below. From there, you can click through to each hub review page.

Best Gaiters, What's the Occasion?

First and foremost, you should decide on which occasion you will likely need to wear gaiters. Here’s a checklist of potential reasons you may need to wear gaiters. 


You’ll need hunting gaiters which are quiet but are also suited to the terrain e.g. waterproof for snowy conditions or lightweight for warm conditions. 


Are you a seasoned hiker or someone who simply enjoys an occasional mountain stroll? Let’s take a look at the best walking gaiters.

If you only venture out once or twice a season, you may not need to splash out on highly durable gaiters. Trail gaiters can be the best option to protect from grit, dirt and light rain.

Alpine gaiters will offer protection if you expect them to get a little bruised from your activities, like mountaineering. Alternatively, if they are being exposed to more harsh conditions, expedition gaiters will offer even more insulation and waterproofing. 

Snake Proof Gaiters

If you know you’re going to wind up in snake territory, buying snake gaiters will give you peace of mind. A good pair of snake gaiters will make it impossible for fangs to penetrate, saving you costly medical bills and serious illness. 

Height of Your Gaiters

Types of gaiters - height

There are two main heights of gaiters you can invest in.

The first is known as low gaiters.​ These generally are just tall enough to cover your ankles and the bottom of your shin. They can go up to 12″ in height. Typically, you would use low gaiters if you simply needed to keep grit and pebbles out of your shoes or to stop water leaking in your shoes.

You can also invest in regular/high gaiters, which ​can go up to 18″ and will cover your entire calf. These are much better suited for rougher conditions, like snow and thick bush. They’re also good for keeping out heavy rain.


Similar to your favorite outdoor jackets, ​the material of your gaiters can make the world of difference. There are a few main types of material gaiters are normally made from. Often, this can dictate the quality of waterproofing and durability.

Here are the materials you can expect to see:

  • Gore-TexA well-known and trusted material, specifically designed with waterproofing in mind. Gore-Tex is known to be good for breathability and waterproofing.
  • NylonStandard coated nylon is lightweight and best for hill walking with wet grass or through sand for a bit of protection. It is not as durable as other materials.
  • Cordura NylonThis is a branded form of nylon which has been structured to be more durable, being able to stand rough abrasion from rocks or sticks.

Best Hunting Gaiters - Buying Tips

If you’re in the market for a good pair of hunting gaiters, then you’ll have a specific set of requirements. After all, when you’re hunting, you need to be in stealth mode. 

This means that you’ll need a pair of hunting gaiters which aren’t noisy when they rub together. Normally, the ‘swish’ noise you hear from gaiters is caused by the material being too stiff and made from nylon.

Many hunters require their gaiters to be camouflaged, and the type of camouflage can vary depending on your surroundings. If you’re heading out in the snow, a white skin will obviously be best for you. ​

Furthermore, it can be tricky to find a balance between being waterproof and also silent when you’re walking. When you’re hunting in long grass, snow or the rain, it can be a nightmare if the wet soaks through to your under layer.

It’s worth making the investment into a pair of waterproof hunting gaiters if you know you’ll need them often.​