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Best Snake Repellent

There’s an endless amount of companies who claim that they’ve got the best snake repellent. There is also a great variety of types, ranging from natural and homemade snake repellent to chemical repellents to sound and vibration emitting repellents.

For as many believers as there are, there is an equal amount of people who say that snake repellents just don’t work. Although we recognize the need to produce a guide on this topic given the number of people looking for information, we also don’t want to fill you with a false hope that they’ll work.

In the first part of this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the top-rated snake repellents on the market and then we’ll dig deeper and look into whether or not they work and which types are more effective.

We have included mainly granule-based repellents and one spray. Each of the products we have reviewed contains natural ingredients that pose no harm to pets and children, as well as not harming the snake. The products simply aim to deter snakes, rather than kill or hurt them. We don’t believe that it is fair to harm a snake that isn’t causing major harm itself.​

Snake Defense Natural Snake Repellent

best snake repellent

Sitting at four stars on Amazon at the time of writing this review, this product claims to use ingredients that snakes hate. The seller mentions that the spray works on all types of snakes, including venomous ones.

One of the key highlights about this snake spray is that due to the natural ingredients, it won’t cause any harm to pets that might come across it. There are mixed reviews online, with many saying that the spray has worked effectively at keeping snakes away.

Others, however, are completely adamant that it doesn’t work. In fact, one of the most recent reviews states that not long after spraying an area, they found a snake lying on top of the saturated area. Another review suggests that there have been positive results but only lasting around one day until the snakes come back again.

It is hard to ignore, though, that there are many positive reviews about the product. Although little is said, they are content that their spray has kept snakes at bay. Thanks to the natural ingredients the spray smells fine compared to other chemical-based products.

Our thoughts? At only $17.99, it is certainly worth a shot, since the positive reviews and comments outweigh the negative.

Nature's Mace Snake Repellent Granules

good snake deterrent

This time, we’re taking a look at a granule-based product rather than a spray. It is suggested that the best use of Nature’s Mace is on a lawn or landscaped areas and it works by “training” snakes to stay clear of the area you use it.

Like the spray, this granule-based products won’t do any harm to pets because they haven’t used any harmful chemicals. Boldly, they claim that it is 100% guaranteed to “repel stray snakes”. Although largely positive, the reviews do suggest that there are mixed opinions.

One of the lengthier reviews states that though it is not absolutely 100% effective, they have seen some amazing results. They explained that at one point they had to deal with up to 10 snakes on their porch per day. Since using the repellent, they have only seen one snake there.

It is interesting to see that one reviewer, like with the spray, mentioned that they found a snake sitting on top of the treated area. Others suggest that it is almost as if the repellent actually attracted the snakes.

Havart Snake Shield

snake repellent for yards

We’ve chosen another product here that uses natural ingredients, meaning it is safe with children, plants, and pets. Snake Sheild has been made with natural oils, like cedar, cinnamon, and clove oil as well as sulfur.

The granule-based repellent is designed to be long-lasting and immediately effective after applying to a specific area. The ingredients are said to induce and natural ‘flight’ response within the snake, forcing it to retreat and search for fresh air.

Out of over 100 reviews, 56% of them are 5-stars, which is very positive. That said, it is no different from the other repellents on the market, and opinions are very much divided. The positive reviews are as you would expect, explaining that there has either been limited or zero sightings since applying the product.

It is very interesting to see that for each negative review, the manufacturer responds individually and asks for more details. This highlights their devotion to trying to improve and make their product as effective as possible. From their responses, it would seem that effectiveness can depend on the application, environment, and snake behavior.

It is interesting to see that one reviewer, like with the spray, mentioned that they found a snake sitting on top of the treated area. Others suggest that it is almost as if the repellent actually attracted the snakes.

Ortho Snake B Gone Granules

This is another granule-based product and also made with ingredients that are safe for animals and children. The formula is designed to stop snakes from entering the area and nesting or foraging. It does so by overwhelming the snake’s sense, essentially stopping it from being able to smell prey. In turn, this drives the snake to somewhere it can smell fresher air.

The natural ingredients used are oils, including cinnamon oil, geraniol, castor oil, peppermint oil, and clove oil. Due to the ingredients used, there is no overwhelming bad smell that comes with this product. Typically, you’ll get a nasty, strong smell with chemical and unnatural snake repellents.

There are no prizes if you guessed that there are mixed reviews with Snake B Gone granules. What is interesting in this review section is that the positive reviews are very positive. Some have gone on to explain that they’ve long had a problem with multiple snakes. Since using the repellent, they have either never seen a snake there again or have had very few encounters.

The negative reviews are just as you’d expect, simply stating that it hasn’t been effective for them. Of course, there are variables e.g. did it rain just after you applied the repellent? This is why we always recommend taking each review with a pinch of salt.

Does Snake Repellent Work?

Watch your step for snakes when on the trail

This is the million-dollar question. Firstly, it is important to mention that you should always aim to avoid killing snakes. Even if snakes are entering your garden, keep in mind that they’re very unlikely to cause any damage and they can, in fact, help to deter rodents.

When it comes to saying whether or not snake repellent actually works, it is very difficult to say. There are a lot of mixed reviews of snake repellents, many saying that they are effective probably more people who say that they just simply don’t work.

What Does Science Say?

Shifting aside from the keyboard warriors for a second and take a moment to hear what science says. Still, it is hard to get a very definitive answer on the subject, but it certainly does help to shed some light.

In a 1985 study by researchers from North Carolina State University, they decided to tackle the matter of snake repellents head-on. It was found that mothball, both naphthalene, and para-dichlorobenzene, did not have any real effect on the way snakes behaved.

Similarly, sulfur didn’t affect the snake’s tactile or olfactory responses. Furthermore, The National Animal Poison Control Center state that mothballs have little effect on snakes.

Not only did the test show that snakes didn’t respond to the presence of mothballs but they can also be harmful to children and dogs if they’re to get into mouths. It’s, therefore, safe to say there is little to no point in using this as a method to deter snakes.

In the same 1985 study, many homemade and natural remedies like fox urine, smoke, diesel fuel, lime, and pepper sprays are also ineffective. So, does snake repellent really work? It would appear not.

How Can You Keep Snakes Out?

So, if repellents are generally ineffective at keeping snakes away, what other measures can you take to keep them out of your garden? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do which actually really work.

Snake-Proof Fencing

Fences are thought to be the best way to keep snakes out of your yard. Typically, people will either use wood, vinyl, steel mesh, or plastic fabric. Alternatively, you can use catch net fencing which snakes can get stuck in but this if you don’t check it regularly, they can die through starvation.

If you’re building a fence, make sure to cover the entire perimeter of your yard and have it going in deeper than surface level. Additionally, try to make sure that the fence is relatively smooth so that snakes can’t climb it and that there is no obvious path for a snake over bushes or trees.

Other Methods

Building a fence can be costly and although there are cheap options available, such as temporary fencing, there are still other ways you can help keep snakes out.

Snakes love to hide, whether that is in long grass, leaf piles, bush, and rocks. Keeping your garden clear of easy hiding places will go a long way to keeping snakes out. Due to the vulnerability, snakes will rarely take an open path if they don’t have to do so.

If it’s just not practical or possible for you to remove the hiding places, think about keeping them on top of a concrete block, around 15 or so inches above the ground. Furthermore, make sure that any rodent holes or burrows are covered.

Snakes are attracted to vermin and insects, so it worth making sure that your yard is free of these. Funnily enough, you can actually use repellents for this sort of thing. They may not directly help you with snakes but they’ll help to keep their prey away!

If you have a pet dog or cat, let it out and wander around your garden on a regular basis. If snakes detect the presence of other animals regularly, they’re likely to stay well clear and opt for a less risky place to stay.